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Market Planning Necessities

Baltimore County, MD has no incorporated municipalities located entirely within its boundaries.
All Planning, Zoning & Building projects are processed through the county.

County Website - The official website for Baltimore County, Maryland.

Baltimore County Code - The online code of Baltimore County, MD.

My Neighborhood - Zoning is an Internet map service (IMS) application that allows the user to display and query map data.  The application contains basemaps and thematic maps.  My Neighborhood: Zoning provides access to the County's geographic information system (GIS) databases.  GIS is a tool that displays and analyzes map themes to obtain more information about a feature.

The Office of Law is responsible for indexing, codifying and publishing the legislation adopted by the County Council to the Baltimore County Code, 2003 and the Baltimore County Zoning Regulations.  The Office of Law is also responsible for compiling and maintaining the Code of Baltimore County Regulations (COBAR).  This page also contains links to Miscellaneous Codes, such as the Building Code of Baltimore County.

The Environmental Health Section (EH) - Department of Environmental Protection & Resource Management (DEPRM) is a multi-disciplined group that to monitors and enforces various laws, regulations, and policies enacted to safeguard the general health and well being of the public.  Programs and functions under the EH include the following:

Food Service Facility Inspection Program: EH regulates over 3,100 annually permitted facilities and temporary event/festival type licensed food operations throughout the County.  EH also investigates food-related complaints, food product recalls, and any other food-related issues.
Certified Food Manager Program:  EH requires the operators of each medium and high priority food service facility to have a certified food manager on site during all hours of operation.

The Baltimore County Small Business Resource Center - Offers new and existing business assistance with technical, financial and marketing issues free of charge.

A Citizen's Guide to Planning and Zoning - The Baltimore County Office of Planning has prepared a Citizens Guide to Zoning in Baltimore County to assist in developing a basic understanding of the
various processes and documents related to zoning. By far one of the most comprehensive guides available in the country and a valuable tool for anyone looking to build or expand a business.

Permits and Licenses - Building Permit Processing - Allows you to apply for a permit inspection and/or even get pending permit status online (Building, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)

Baltimore County, Maryland

Electric Power - Maryland Attorney General - Maryland residents are now able to choose who supplies their electricity. (Customers of municipal electric systems and some rural cooperative systems are the exceptions - see "Areas not participating.") Your local utility, now called your electric company, will still deliver the electricity to your home, but you can choose another company to generate the electricity, if other companies are making an offer in your area.

Washington Gas - For 160 years Washington Gas has been distributing natural gas to customers in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. Washington Gas is a leading proponent of giving customers the freedom to choose their natural gas supplier, and provide residents with MARYLAND CUSTOMER CHOICE RESOURCES on its website.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission


Maryland  - The official website for the State of Maryland.

Maryland Taxpayer Information - Filing and paying business taxes can be complicated. The Comptroller's Office is dedicated to making the process as simple and efficient as possible. Visit this special section for business taxpayers often for the latest information.

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) - The mission of the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is to protect and restore the quality of Maryland’s air, water, and land resources, while fostering smart growth, economic development, healthy and safe communities, and quality environmental education for the benefit of the environment, public health, and future generations.

Maryland Checklist for New Businesses - Starting a business is an exciting and challenging undertaking. To help ensure your business' success, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for starting a business in Maryland. This link provides a convenient starting point.

The Maryland Green Registry - Help build a smarter, greener, more sustainable Maryland by putting these practices to work right in your own organization. The Maryland Green Registry is a voluntary, self-certification program offering tips and resources to help organizations set and meet their own goals on the path to sustainability.

Maryland Traffic Volume Maps - Depict the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) at various locations on Maryland’s roadways by county. Traffic Volume data is collected from over 3000 program count stations and 79 ATR’s, located throughout Maryland. Program count data is collected (both directions) at regular locations on a three year cycle (one-third of these are counted each year).

Maryland Department of Transportation (Mdot) - The official home page of Maryland’s Department of Transportation.

Mdots’ Specific Services Signing Program (Logo’s) - The program is to aid the traveling public by providing them with information of essential services available for their use along designated state highways which is accomplished by allowing various business' in the area's of food, gasoline, and lodging to have signs placed for their type of service they offer to the traveling public through approved specific signing.

Maryland Community Health Administration – Office of Food Protection - The Office of Food Protection and Consumer Health Services is composed of three divisions: Food Control, Milk Control, and Community Services; and four administrative program areas: Licenses and Permits, Rating Officers, Legal Counsel, Support Services.

Maryland’s Business License Information System (BLIS) – A state maintained website that enables you to perform a search to learn about the permits and licenses that you may need to operate a business in the state. 

Business Registration – The State of Maryland’s Comptroller’s office – Information concerning obtaining Alcohol tax licenses, Tobacco tax licenses, Income tax withholding accounts, etc.

Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations -Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing.

Baltimore County Bar Association - The mission of the Baltimore County Bar Association is to serve as a leader in advancing excellence, ethical conduct, professionalism and public responsibility in the legal profession; to improve the efficiency, fairness and accessibility of our system of justice for all citizens; to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of our profession and our legal system; to use our collective resources to improve the well-being of our community and its citizens, especially our youth; and to identify and support the needs of a diverse membership and foster an environment in which members experience a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in the practice of law.

U.S. Census Bureau - American FactFinder web site. Why pay for your demographic information twice?

Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce - The mission of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce is to promote, grow and sustain a diverse and healthy business community that will enrich the quality of life and enhance prosperity in the Baltimore region.

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