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Market Planning Necessities

County Web Page - The official web site of DuPage County, IL

County Division of Transportation - The Division of Transportation is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the County Highway system which serves the over 900,000 residents of DuPage County.

County DoT Traffic Volumes

County Code for DuPage County - The official municipal code for DuPage County, IL.

County Health Dept (Food Service) - For links and information pertaining to Food Handeling Permits, Health Codes, etc.

DuPage County Department of Economic Development and Planning - A county maintained website that offers information on Building Permits, Zoning, Planning, Storm Water Management, Environmental Concerns and other important development information.

DuPage County Ordinances -

DuPage County, Illinois

Due to the recent deregulation, in the Chicago area you have choice in your gas & electric service providers. Water and Sanitary sewer (where available) are usually controlled by each areas cities and villages.


State Web Site - The official web site for the State of Illinois.

Illinois Department of Transportation - The state's DOT web site.

Traffic Counts and Roadway Information - For state and local roadways throughout the state.

State GIS maps - Including both state and county maps,

Liquor Control Commission - Alcohol Licensing information.

Chamber of Commerce - The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce web site.

IRMA - The Illinois Retail Merchants Association is one of the largest state retail organizations in the United States. IRMA is your statewide professional organization. No matter what your size or kind of store, IRMA can help protect your interests in state government, save you money, and keep you informed.

C.O.R.E. - Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity - A coalition of individuals, businesses and organizations who support continued reliability in the electric industry. 

Illinois Division of Professional Regulation - Information for Real Estate Appraisers, Brokers and salespeople.

U.S.Cencus Bureau - American FactFinder web site. Why pay for your demographic information twice?

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Electric Service Providers

Commonwealth Edison

BlueStar Energy Services, Inc

Commerce Energy, Inc

Hudson Energy Services

Integrys Energy Services, Inc

Natural Gas Providers

People's Gas

Interstate Gas Supply of Illinois

Santanna Energy Services

U.S. Energy Savings Corp

Spark Energy, L.P.

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* DuPage County is comprised of 28 villages and 11 Cities all of which are responsible for
creating, maintaining and enforcing their own planning, zoning and building codes & regulations.

Please refer to their respective web sites for more information.
(Villages and Hamlets are contained within each)

The Incorporated Townships of DuPage County

The Village of Lemont
(Village Code)

The Village of Lisle
(Village Code)

The Village of Lombard
(Village Code)

The Village of Medinah
(Code in print form only)

The City of Naperville
(City Code)

The Village of Oak Brook
(Village Code)

The City of
Oakbrook Terrace

(City Code)

The Village of Roselle
(Village Code)

The Village of Schaumburg
(Village Code)

The City of St. Charles
(City Code)


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The Village of Addison
(Village Code)

The City of Aurora
(Zoning Ordinance)

The Village of Bartlett
(Village Code)

The City of Batavia
(City Ordinance)

The Village of Bensenville
(Village Code)

The Village of Bloomingdale
(Building & Zoning)

The Village of Bolingbrook
(Code in print form only)

The Village of Burr Ridge
(Village Code)

The Village of
Carol Stream

(Village Code)

The Village of
Clarendon Hills

(Village Code)

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