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Market Planning Necessities

Monroe County Web PageThe Official Site of Monroe County Florida. The mission of Monroe County is to provide outstanding public service responsive to the needs of our citizens, our unique community, and our environment.

Monroe County Health Department -   

Monroe County Department of Public Works -provides the highest level of maintenance services to protect and preserve County infrastructure and equipment in an efficient, professional and timely manner.

Monroe County Housing and Community Development Acts  as a catalyst to bring together housing advocates and resources so that residents have increased housing opportunities for a decent, safe and quality affordable home and suitable living environment, and improving communities through revitalization and economic development.

Monroe County GIS Maps - search and view parcel maps.

Monroe County Planning & Environmental Resources - Responsible for the administration of all ordinances applicable to planning and zoning as defined in the Monroe County Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the Board of County Commissioners.  The Planning Department reviews all plans for new construction and development for compliance with the Land Development Regulations including environmental compliance and makes subsequent recommendations to the Planning Commission.

Monroe County Building Department - Responsible for the administration and enforcement of all ordinances applicable to building, construction, blasting and explosives as defined in the Monroe County Code.  Building Officials are charged with administering and ensuring compliance with the building code. This section issues building and construction permits and Certificates of Occupancy.

Monroe County Ordinances - The adopted code of Ordinances for Monroe County, FL.

Monroe County Code Enforcement - Promotes, protects and improves the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Monroe County through an effective code enforcement program. Because of the physical layout of Monroe County the Division is divided into three offices; Upper Keys Code Enforcement, Middle Keys Code Enforcement and Lower Keys Code Enforcement.

Florida Building Codes - The 2007 Florida Building, Residential, Existing Building, Plumbing, Fuel Gas, Mechanical, and Test Protocols

Monroe County Clerk’s Office - The core services provided include: filing court proceedings; filing and retrieval of documents such as arrests, traffic citations, affidavits, marriage licenses and other court related documents; collection of court fees; creation of court dockets and notification of participants.

Monroe County Property Appraiser - The Monroe County Property Appraiser is responsible for identifying, locating, and fairly valuing all property, both real and personal, within the county for tax purposes.  The market value of real property is based on the current real estate market.

Monroe County Tax Collector - A wide range of services, are provided by the Tax Collector, to the citizens of Monroe County, which include, collection of ad valorem taxes, non-ad valorem taxes, motor vehicle and vessel registration and title applications, collection of sales tax, issuance of hunting and fishing licenses, driver licenses, local business tax, and collection of tourist development taxes.


Monroe County, FL

Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority - Our team of talented professionals works 24 hours a day, every day, to deliver safe, reliable, refreshing water for the residents and visitors to the Florida Keys in the most cost-effective manner.

Florida Public Utilities (Gas) -

KW Resort Utilities Corp (Waste Water) -  

Florida Keys Electric Cooperative Association - Founded in 1940 by local member-consumers it has been recognized as one of the most progressive electric systems in the U.S. FKEC serves the upper portion of a narrow string of tropical islands that extend southwestward into the Atlantic from mainland Florida.


Official State Web SiteThe official Web Site of the State of Florida.

State of Florida Division of CorporationsElectronic filing and certification can be processed through Sunbiz™ and Help information is accessible for all filing types.

Florida Building Code - The Florida Department of Community Affairs.

Department of TransportationState of Florida roadway information.

Traffic Counts & Roadway Information - For Traffic Count information on state roads.

State GIS Maps - The Transportation Statistics Office created and maintains the official FDOT basemap of all roads in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI).

State Health DepartmentState of Florida Health Department’s web site.

State Alcohol Licensing Information - State of Florida Alcohol licensing web site.

Department of Business and Professional Regulation - The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) is a $1.5 billion agency regulating one million professionals and businesses across some 200 licensee categories. The department licenses 1 in 16 Floridians, ranging from electricians to real estate agents, from cosmetologists to professional boxers.

U.S. Census Bureau - American FactFinder web site. Why pay for your demographic information twice?

Key West Chamber of Commerce

Real Estate Licensing Information

Fictitious Business Names



*Monroe County, FL is comprised of 4 cities and an incorporated village, all of which are responsible for creating, maintaining and enforcing their own planning, zoning and building codes & regulations.

For areas outside of these jurisdictions, please refer to the county code

Please refer to their respective web sites for more information.

Incorporated Cites, Townships, Villages & Boroughs of Monroe County, Florida


City of Key West
(City Code)

City of Marathon
(City Code)


City of
Key Colony Beach

(City Code)


City of Layton
(City Code)


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