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Important Information

There is no county government structure in the state of Connecticut.

All municipal services are provided by the individual cities and towns contained therein.
Please refer to each municipalities web site (listed below) for specific development information.

Fairfield County, CT

Electric - For most of Fairfield County (mostly the western portions) electric power is supplied by Connecticut Light & Power. For information about the smaller utilities, please see Connecticut's Department of Utility Control web site.

Gas - There are three utilities that supply natural gas to customers in Fairfield County, CT. Southern Connecticut Gas; Connecticut Natural Gas and Yankee Gas Service Company. Please refer to SEG' s Service Map for details.

Water & Sewer Service - Drinking water is provided by a multitude of service providers. Please refer to Connecticut's Department of Public Health for details.


State Web Site- The official Connecticut State web site.

Connecticut DOT - The state's DOT web site

Traffic Count Information

Health Department - State Health Department's web site.

Chambers of Commerce - A Link to a third-party web site that lists the Chambers of Commerce in Fairfield County, CT.

County Tourism Web Site - The official Fairfield County Tourism web site

Connecticut Real Estate Professionals Licensing Information - Information for Real Estate Appraisers, Brokers and salespeople.

Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection - Trust but Verify ...Connecticut's Department of Consumer Protection maintains a public database of all licenses, permits, and registrations.

U.S. Census Bureau - American FactFinder web site. Why pay for your demographic information twice?


* Fairfield County, CT is comprised of 5 cities and 18 incorporated towns, all of which are responsible for creating, maintaining and enforcing their own planning, zoning and building codes & regulations.

The Incorporated Cites of Fairfield County, CT


The Town of Bethel
(Town Code)

The City of Bridgeport
(Zoning Code)

The Town of Brookfield
(Zoning Code)

The City of Danbury
(City Code)

The Town of Darien
(Town Code)

The Town of Easton
(Code in print form only)

The Town of Fairfield
(Planning & Zoning)

The Town of Greenwich
(Planning & Zoning)

The Town of Monroe
(Planning & Zoning)

The Town of
New Canaan
(Town Code)

The Town of
New Fairfield
(Planning & Zoning)

The Town of New town
(Town Code)

The City of Norwalk
(City Code)

The Town of Redding
(Planning & Zoning)

The Town of Ridgefield
(Planning & Zoning)

The City of Shelton
(City Code)

The Town of Sherman
(Code is a .pdf on web page)

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The City of Stamford
(City Code)

The Town of Stratford
(Town Code)

The Town of Trumbull
(Town Code)

The Town of Weston
(Planning & Zoning)

The Town of Westport
(Town Code)

The Town of Wilton
(Town Code)

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