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Pinal County – The official website of Pinal County, Arizona.

Pinal County Comprehensive Plan - The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan is a statement of policy and an expression of the county’s vision.

How to start a Small or Home Based Business In Pinal County

Business Connections - View information on the step-by-step process on how to start a business either small/home-based, large industrial or commercial/retail.

Pinal County Economic Development - Located in the very heart of the Sun Corridor, Pinal County, Arizona has a very diverse economy.

Priority Express Permitting - Pinal County has implemented this process for qualified new, expanding or relocating businesses. The County has recognized the need to offer a business friendly environment which allows businesses to relocate, expand rapidly and efficiently. Pinal County is committed to streamlining where possible, its Specific and Commercial Site Plan Review Process.

GIS Maps - Pinal County, home to nearly 400,000 residents and larger than the State of Connecticut, has 12 incorporated and several unincorporated communities within its borders.

Zoning Ordinance Amendment Proposals - The Zoning Ordinance is the legal document used to manage land use and development in the County. It becomes necessary from time to time to amend the Zoning Ordinance to meet changed conditions. Below are current Zoning Ordinance amendment proposals.

Public Works Department - The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide transportation infrastructure, engineering, flood control, solid waste recycling, airport and emergency management services to the public so they can enjoy a community with safe roads and buildings, and a clean environment.

Adopt a Highway - In 2008 there were 19 “Adopt a Highway” clean-ups conducted by 4 groups. In 2009, there are an additional 3 groups who have contacted the county to adopt a highway.

The Division of Environmental Health  - Provides education, consultation, plan review, permitting and inspection services to the general public as well as the regulated community. Some examples of facilities that the Division regulates include, public and semipublic swimming pools, public accommodations such as hotels and motels, on-site septic tank systems, food establishments such as restaurants, bars, grocery stores, school cafeterias, day care kitchens and mobile/temporary food vendors.

Pinal County Development Services Code - A Codification of the Development Services Ordinances of Pinal County, Arizona.

Pinal County, Arizona

Arizona – The official website of the Grand Canyon State.

Small Business Services – Step by step checklist to start, operate and grow business in Arizona. This state maintained website guides you to commonly requested licensing information and statewide resources, download business forms and allows you to create a checklist for your business needs.

Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control - To vigilantly promote the health, safety and welfare of Arizona citizens by licensing the liquor industry and assuring compliance with state liquor laws through collaboration, training, adjudication and enforcement.

Arizona Department of Transportation – The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is responsible for planning, building and operating a complex highway system in addition to building and maintaining bridges and the Grand Canyon Airport.

Arizona Traffic Counts - TheRoadway Inventory Management Section of ADOT's Multimodal Planning Division (MPD) is responsible for collecting, producing and maintaining a wide array of state highway data.

Food Safety and Environmental Services (FS&ES) - Office of Environmental Health Services (OEH). The FS&ES is responsible for general supervision over food safety and environmental sanitation monitoring and enforcement in the State of Arizona in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes and the Arizona Administrative Code.

State Bar of Arizona - The State Bar of Arizona ensures that Arizona citizens have equal access to legal services of the highest quality and to a system that affords prompt and fair resolution.

Arizona Board of Barbers - To preserve the public welfare and health through the development and enforcement of adequate sanitation procedures, rules. and laws governing barbers and barbering.

Arizona State Land Department –To manage and provide support for resource conservation programs for the well-being of the public and the State's natural environment.

Arizona Lottery – Retailer’s Division – A State maintained website for information about obtaining a state license.

Arizona State Board of Pharmacy - The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy protects the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Arizona by regulating the practice of pharmacy and the distribution, sale and storage of prescription medications and devices and non-prescription medications.

Arizona Department of Real Estate - This site provides valuable information useful to both the public and the real estate industry. It monitors licensing and continuing education courses. The Department also oversees the activities of licensees, investigates complaints against licensees and land developers, and participates in administrative hearings pertaining to their conduct.

Arizona State Registrar of Contractors - The agency's mission is to promote quality construction by Arizona contractors through a licensing and regulatory system designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Greater Phoenix SCORE - An all volunteer, non-profit group of local active and retired men and women. We are successful business people interested in helping you live your entrepreneurial dream ... be it starting a small business or making your existing small business more effective and more profitable.

Maricopa County Bar Association - Since its founding in 1914, the Maricopa County Bar Association (MCBA) has been the largest voluntary bar association in Arizona. Located in Phoenix, one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation, MCBA is where the legal community connects.

Maricopa Chamber of Commerce
Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce
Apache Junction Chamber of Commerce
Coolidge Chamber of Commerce
Elroy Chamber of Commerce
Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce
Tri-Community Chamber of Commerce
Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce
Superior, Arizona Chamber of Commerce


* Pinal County, AZ

Is comprised of Townships & Cities all of which are responsible for creating and maintain their own municipal codes and ordinances.
Please contact the local municipality for any recent changes, additions or modifications to their codes.

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The City of
Apache Junction

(City Code)

The City of
Casa Grande

(City Code)

The City of Coolidge
(City Code)


The City of Eloy
(City Code)

The Town of Florence
(Town Code)

The Town of
(Code in Print Form Only)

The Town of Kearny
(Code in Print Form Only)

The Town of

(Code in Print Form Only)

The Town of Marana
(Town Code)

The City of Maricopa
(City Code)


Arizona Corporation Commission - The Arizona Corporation Commission has jurisdiction over the quality of service and rates charged by public service utilities. By state law, public service utilities are regulated monopolies given the opportunity to earn a fair and reasonable return on their investments. What is fair and reasonable in any particular case has been and always will be open to debate in rate hearings before the Commission.

APS Business Services - APS provides energy utilities to homes and businesses in Arizona.

SRP is two entities: the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, a political subdivision of the state of Arizona; and the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association, a private corporation.

Water - The Arizona Department of Water Resources Web site

Southwest Gas Corporation - Commercial Services.

The Town of
Queen Creek

(Town Ordinances)

The Town of Superior
(Zoning Ordinance)

The Town of
(Code in Print Form Only)


Pinal County
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