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From Market Planning and Site Selection to Lease Negotiations and more...

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Where to Start - Wouldn't it be nice, if developing real estate for most restaurant and retail uses came with simple step by step assembly instructions?

Market Planning 101 - A multi-part series by Tony Ozelis that teaches one of the most important steps in all of Real Estate Development.

Brokers - Understanding the relationship between you, the owner and the Broker can make all the difference in the world, especially with real money on the line.

Analog Stores - Studying a competitor's location or a few of your franchisor's successful units can help you in the search for your perfect location.

Character - Although not an essential ingredient to a successful location, finding the right place with Character, just might add to your success.

Making an Offer - Great, you found your
"perfect site" what comes next? Good deals start with well written offers. Learn how the big boys do it.

Determining Proportionate Share - In business, ‘Proportionate’ does not necessarily mean equal, nor does it imply that something is "Fair", but accurate measurements and quick look at your neighbors can possibly save you hundreds of dollars each month.

Measuring Without a Ruler - Did you come across a space that may work but forgot your tape measure? FInd out how the pros do it.

Why a Marble Composition Book? - There's a really good reason that they've been around so long...they work.

Cruising the Corporate Obits - These days, it's not uncommon to come across a vacated site of a former big player. Is it an opportunity or a disaster to be avoided?

Investing in Profit - Corporate America invests millions every year in their expansion plans and the technology to support it, but what is the one investment many of them don't make?

Square Foot SymbolThe Square Foot Symbol - One of the most recognizable icons in all of the real estate, construction and design industries, it should also represent to you an accurate measurement of your space.

Renegotiating your lease - How a few simple steps can actually lead to a golden opportunity for profit.

Ozelis' Rules of Real Estate - Actual Rules to Real Estate? Well, no....more un-official ones, but lessons learned the hard way.

No-Nonsense Advice about the Perfect 1-Page Agreement - A look at some of the "elephants" that are often omitted from one-page agreements and why they may be significant to your business.

Incorporate your business for $139

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A closer look at
why some sites fail

A Bad Site is a Bad Site (No Matter Who Goes There) - Big companies make mistakes too. Learn how to spot the little things that can tank a site.

The Citadel - Few businesses can survive in a location that's not customer friendly. Built with an indifference to the road, these centers can spell disaster for an unsuspecting tenant.

Statue of Liberty photoThe Statue of Liberty location- Have you ever seen our national treasure in New York Harbor? She has great visibility but not a lick of access.

Fifty Feet From Success - Although more common in urban or metropolitan settings, being almost within arms reach of a busy or convenient pedestrian traffic area is one of the most common mistakes many entrepreneurs make.

Negotiation Tip of the Week - These are outstanding audio pod casts (in MP3 format ) that focus on the art of negotiations. Created by Dr. Josh Weiss, Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard.

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Pay Attention to the Commercial Lease - In the excitement of forming a new business, whether a person is purchasing a franchise or forming a new business from scratch, one critical step in getting the business started usually gets little attention by the business owner - the commercial lease.

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