Rules of Real Estate
Always Visit a Site at Least Four Times

If you think about it, your business is probably going to be open on weekdays as well as weekends, daytime as well as nightime... so doesn't it make sense to see the site during these times when you're first qualifying a location?

The time that you spend at any potential location(s) before you get too deep into the process, is time very well spent. Because it can only help broaden your knowledge about the site and the area in which it's in, it will put you in a position to make better business decisions.

Most neighborhoods have a life all their own. That quiet and charming central business district (CBD) may have a nightlife that could put Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans to shame (complete with rowdy drunks or other undesirables).

The only way you're going to know this is by “living” the location. Visit every potential site often. This will also put you at an advantage over most corporate real estate representatives. Historically they see the site a few times, usually always during the daylight hours and make their decision from there.

If you take the time to "live" the location (before, during and after the normal business day) it serves to reason that you'll gain a better understanding of the site and the area.

And while your doing your site investigation, eat in the local restaurants and shop at the local stores, once again, by understanding the small things in the market, you'll understand the customer that much more.

Take the time to study the traffic flow. Find a convenient spot to sit and watch the traffic move for a few hours in the morning and then for a few more during the evening rush. Vehicular traffic usually always acts differently during different times of the day. What you want to pay attention to is if the traffic helps or harms the access to the site. 

Is the weather forecast calling for heavy rain? That would be a perfect time to go to the site. If the parking lot is under a foot of water it’s not going to do your customers (or your business) any good.

The point is to "Live" both your trade area and your site before you commit to any location.

Always visit a site at least four times.



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