How to Pick a Real Estate Attorney

Finding the Right Attorney

Part 1
By Tony Ozelis

One of the questions that we get asked quite often, concerns just how you go about picking the right attorney for your business.

Well, let’s begin by saying that just like shoes, friends and/or golf clubs, there are usually different ones for different purposes & occasions; so selecting the right attorney for you really depends on what you need to accomplish.

Rarely is there ever a one-stop shop for all of your legal representation needs. Not that there aren’t some large firms out there or even some smaller boutique law offices set up for that express purpose, but these groups usually always have different people with extensive experience in their respective disciplines.

OK…once in a blue moon you may find a great attorney that is a “Swiss Army Knife” of sorts, but they’re a real rare bird these days. If you find one; make sure you pay them on time, remember their birthday and take them to dinner every so often. They are that rare.

Of course, you can always check with your local Bar Association and see if they offer a referral service. Just remember to take the time and speak with them about your specific needs. Make sure that they have the expertise that you need, charge fees that fit within your budget and that you’re comfortable with their style.


About Real Estate Attorneys

Generally speaking, the two most common areas of expertise for real estate attorneys are those who focus in on contract law & negotiations and those that concentrate on Land Use applications (planning, zoning & permitting…stuff like that).

We’ll avoid confusing the entire issue by adding those lawyers that are involved in solving landlord/tenant complaints, those that specialize in financing or environmental law or even eminent domain issues. But if that is what your needs are, the methods of finding the right one are basically the same.

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