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Negotiating Tips and Strategies for the Entrepreneur

Negotiation Tip of the Week - These are outstanding audio podcasts (in MP3 format ) that focus on the art of negotiaions. Created by Dr. Josh Weiss, Associate Director of the Global Negotiation Project at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard.

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Perfecting the Art of Silence in Negotiating - Silence is the secret tool
of power negotiators. Knowing when to listen, not talk... and use facial expressions to make a point. Here are five tips on how perfecting the art of silence can make you
a better negotiator.

Negotiating Probes - Your negotiating leverage is determined by how much you know about the other party’s attitudes, preferences and position.  This is true whether you are selling something, buying something, or dealing with a project, manufacturing plan, delivery schedule, a budget, or any of a hundred other situations where you are trying to resolve differences.

Keep Negotiation Tactics FlexibleIn deciding which negotiating tactics to use, one rule should not be forgotten: Never use a tactic unless you have considered what countermeasures the other party is likely to take.  The key to selecting good negotiating tactics is flexibility and good business judgment.

Negotiating Threats - You probably have received more negotiating threats than you realize. Most often negotiating threats are not of a violent nature during a negotiation. They come in the form of an “or else.”

Negotiating Your Viewpoint - An exchange of viewpoints can be a very tough negotiation. Ideas are like possessions; people don’t want to part with them. Here are eight things to consider whenever you are persuading someone to accept your viewpoint during negotiation.


Renegotiating Your Lease - Follow a few simple steps and you can turn a normally stressful time into a great opportunity.

How to pick an Attorney - Quite possibly the most important relationship you can form when starting your business is finding the right Real Estate Attorney.


Why Forming a Business Entity is Worth the Expense - Forming a separate business entity is a crucial first step in the life and growth of most entrepreneurs. Don’t waste you’re time worrying about the worst that can happen. Find a small business attorney and accountant to help you make the decision, and then spend your time focused on the best that will happen for you!

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The Lucifers Lurking in your Lease
- Negotiating the terms of a lease involves more than just knowing what space you want and how much the rent will cost your business. There are a number of hidden costs and factors that can escalate the rent over and above what you originally budgeted to pay each month.

Pay Attention to the Commercial Lease - In the excitement of forming a new business, whether a person is purchasing a franchise or forming a new business from scratch, one critical step in getting the business started usually gets little attention by the business owner - the commercial lease.

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The Basics of Zoning Law - Zoning ordinances and regulations are laws that define how you can use your property. Cities, counties, townships, and other local governments adopt zoning plans in order to set development standards to assure that land is used for the common good.

Commercial Lease Forms - A commercial lease agreement spells out the terms and conditions of a leasing relationship between a landlord and a commercial tenant.


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McDonald's logoBuying a McDonald's Franchise - INVESTMENT COST, ANNUAL SALES AND FINANCIAL RESULTS - GETTING THE McDONALDS FDD - Not surprisingly, before considering anything else many would-be franchise owners ask themselves: How much does a McDonalds franchise cost and how can I buy a McDonalds franchise? They hear it only costs $45,000 to get a Mighty Mac franchise, an investment that's quite within their franchise affordability range.

How to Franchise - Strategic Planning, Documentation and Management of Franchise Systems - Imagine opening 20 new business locations without having to foot the bill for real estate, equipment and development costs or taking on any of the risk. Even more, imagine finding managers to run all those locations, who are just as committed to growing the company as you, and you don’t have to pay them a dime. Finally, imagine that these managers will hire, fire and manage all employees as well as foot the bill for all operating costs and expenses. Sound far-fetched?

Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) - Review Costs; How Much Should You Pay? - Buying a franchise - which experts do you need to review the franchise company's FDD - Franchise Disclosure Document and how much can you expect to pay for this?

Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) Mission Accomplished? - Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) under the FTC's new Franchise Rules continue to be good concept in theory. Unfortunately, reality plays a more important role and reveals an entirely different picture.

Buying a Franchise - Evaluating Franchise Investments and Franchise Disclosure - Buying a franchise represents a different approach to starting a business. Some statistics are impressive: it is said over 40% of all U.S. retail sales are through franchised establishments. But an alarming number of franchised operators make less than the minimum wage, working 7 days and 60 to 80 hours a week, pursuing an expensive and elusive American Dream that turns into a nightmare of epic proportions. These cases of franchise failure can and should be prevented.

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