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WAIVE - To relinquish, or abandon. To forego a right to enforce or require performance by another.

WALL SIGN – A building mounted sign (Also known as a “Fascia Sign”).



WALL STUD – A vertical framing member used in light frame construction.


WARRANTY - An agreement and assurance by the grantor of real property which is binding upon himself and his heirs, to the effect that he is the owner and will defend the title granted to another. Certain assurances given from the seller to the buyer or building owner to the tenant.

WARRANTY DEED - A deed used to convey real property, which contains warranties of title and quiet possession, by which the grantor agrees to defend the premises against the lawful claims of third persons. Often called a general warranty deed; a deed in which the grantor warrants or guarantees the title to real property against defects existing before the grantor acquired title or arising during the grantor's ownership.

WATERSHED - A geographical area within which rain water and other liquid effluents seep and run into common surface or subsurface water bodies such as streams, rivers, lakes, or aquifers.

WATER SOURCE- Water is being used as the heat source or heat sink for a heat pump. Sources of underground water are wells and sources of surface water are lakes, large ponds, and rivers.

WATER TABLE - Distance from the surface of land to the depth at which natural groundwater is found.


WATT - A unit of power, named after Scottish inventor and mechanical engineer James Watt that defines the rate of energy consumption by an electrical device, when it is in operation.

WEAR AND TEAR – The normal and expected deterioration of a space due to its occupancy.

WEEP HOLE -Small opening at the base of a window or an exterior wall cavity intended to drain out trapped moisture.

WET COLUMN – An engineered column or passage through which plumbing can be accessed for installation of water lines, drainage, etc.

WETLAND - Wetlands may be either freshwater or tidal. They are typically marked by waterlogged or submerged soils or support a range of vegetation peculiar to wetlands. They provide numerous benefits for human health and property as well as critical habitat for wildlife and are generally regulated by either federal, state, or local laws.

WET SAND -To smooth a spackled seam with a wet sponge which greatly reduces the dust normally created during the dry sanding method.

WILL - A written document properly witnessed, providing for the distribution of property upon the death of the owner. A written statement of a person's wishes concerning the disposal of his after death.

WINDOW SIGN – A sign mounted, affixed or painted in a window meant to be viewed from the exterior of a building,

(Typical Painted Window Sign)


WORK LETTER - This is usually an attachment (an exhibit) to a lease. It indicates the materials or dollar amount that the landlord and/or tenant is willing contribute towards the build-out of a space.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE - Provides insurance to cover medical care and compensation for employees who are injured in the course of employment, in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee's right to sue their employer for the tort of negligence.

WORKING DRAWINGS - Are plans from which a contractor will build from. These are also the plans that have received governmental approval during the permitting process.

WRAP-AROUND LOCATION – A flagged lot that has exposure to two streets, but not the hard corner. It is the second most desirable location after a Far Corner location because vehicles entering or exiting the lot can usually make all direction changes. Due to traffic flow concerns, many local DOT’s are restricting traffic movements to and from properties close to a signalized intersection (restricting it to “right-in / right-out”) making a wrap-around parcel of property more convenient for customers. The added benefit in many municipalities is to provide signage on two roadways.


WRIT OF EXECUTION - A writ or court order, authorizing and directing an office of the court, usually the sheriff, to carry into effect the judgment or decree of the court.


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