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QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) - A more fitting and excepted reference to a "fast food" restaurant.

QUASI-JUDICIAL - A term applied to some local administrative bodies that have the power to investigate facts, hold hearings, weigh evidence, draw conclusions, and use this information as a basis for their official decisions. These bodies adjudicate the rights of the parties appearing before the body. The zoning board of appeals serves in a quasi-judicial capacity when it hears appeals from the determination of the local zoning enforcement officer.

QUIET TITLE - A court action brought about to establish title or to remove a cloud on the title. An action in court to remove a defect, cloud or suspicion regarding the legal rights of the owner to the parcel of real estate.

QUIT CLAIM DEED - A deed in which the grantor warrants nothing. It conveys only the grantor's present interest in the real estate, if any. It is often used to correct technical defects in a title. A deed by which the grantor conveys whatever interest the grantor has at that moment in a particular piece of real property. It does not convey after acquired title and contains no warranties.

QUITE ENJOYMENT – An agreed upon situation by which the owner or occupier of the property can enjoy the benefit expected out of the property without interference or disturbance. So When a property is rented out, a frequent sustainable claim from a third party for vacation of the premises leads to failure of Quiet enjoyment. In most leasing out, this clause is introduced so a tenant can claim compensation for breach of quit enjoyment

QUOTED RATE - The rate - per square foot - that is quoted to a prospective tenant when inquiring about a property.  In California, it has been customary to quote rent per square foot per month as opposed to the rest of the country which quotes rentals per annum (per year)...but always ask….just to be sure.



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