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KEY MONEY – Generally, it's money paid to a building owner, property manager, or a current tenant/lease-holder, in order for another to secure the property. How much a party charges for their “key” really depends on how badly someone wants the space.

KILN DRIED LUMBER - Lumber that has been slowly dried and seasoned to obtain a moisture content of 6% to 12%. The lower moisture content usually produces a more dimensionally stable wood product.

KILOWATT (kW) – A unit of power equal to 1,000 watts or 1.34 horsepower.

KILOWATT-HOUR (kWh) - A common measurement of electrical consumption. The equivalent of one kilowatt of power being used for one hour (i.e., burning a 100 watt incandescent light bulb for one hour).

 KING STUD – A vertical framing member that runs from the sole plate to the top plate.


KIOSK - A small freestanding retail outlet (whether enclosed or open to the air), usually without toilet facilities and located in a mall’s public concourse area. Kiosks are sometimes included in the design of mall, lifestyle and other managed shopping centers.

(Typical Mall Kiosk)


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