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HABENDUM CLAUSE - Meaning "to have and to hold", it is a part of a deed where the parties define the intentions of the transaction. It is a necessary part of a deed because it makes it clear that the new owner has "fee simple" title to the property, which gives them absolute ownership of the property.

HARDWARE SCHEDULE - A comprehensive list of all the hardware specified for use in the proposed project, usually including the template numbers, manufacturer’s names and numbers and any special hardware locations.

HEADER – In framing, it’s the horizontal structural member placed over an opening, such as a door or window that is meant to transfer the load (weight) to parallel joists, studs or rafters. In Masonry, it is a brick that is laid sideways in a wall so that only the end remains visible (the one’s that you see length-wise are called “stretchers”).


HEAT EXCHANGER - A device designed to transfer heat from one source to another.

HEAT PUMP - A heat pump is basically the same as an air conditioner except it has a valve that allows it to operate in reverse (did you ever notice how the outside of an A/C unit is hot on the outside while it is cooling the inside? It's a similar concept). Heat pumps are electrically-powered devices that extract the available heat from a heat source and then transfers it to a " heat sink" to either heat or cool a space as necessary. They offer a great energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners, especially in climates that have moderate heating and cooling needs.

HEATING CAPACITY - The measurement of a unit's ability to add heat to an enclosed space (usually expressed in BTUh - British Thermal Units per hour).

HEATING SEASONAL PERFORMANCE FACTOR (HSPF) - One of two energy ratings for measuring the efficiency of a heat pump system (SEER being the other), it represents the annual (or seasonal) heating costs in dollars

HEIGHT – Generally means the largest vertical distance between the highest point of an object and the grade of the land beneath it.

HEIRS AND ASSIGNS - The party (or parties) who stand to inherit, or succeed, to an interest in a property under the terms of a will.

HIATUS - A gap or space unintentionally left between, when attempting to describe adjacent parcels of land.

HISTORIC DISTRICT - An area designated by the government (whether local, state or national) that identifies a specific concentrated area deemed to have historic significance and establishes the standards in which buildings can be constructed, altered or otherwise modified. It is, in fact, an overlay zone where any proposed new developments must be in harmony with that of the architecture of the existing structures within the district. In addition, any alterations and/or improvements to historic structures must be made with minimum interference with the historic features of the building.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION - A board that has been established to review the plans and specifications of any proposed project within a designated historic districts to insure compliance with the standards that have been set for the area with the purpose of preserving the historic nature of the area.

HISTORICAL MARKER – A type of memorial sign limited in content to the identification of a historical building, structure or site.

(Typical Historical Markers)


HOLD HARMLESS - An agreement in a contract where one agrees to not hold the other party responsible for any loss, damage or other liability regardless of the degree of actual responsibility or negligence involved.

HOLDOVER – Refers to someone that remains beyond the term of their contract.

HOLDOVER TENANT - A Tenant who stays or remains in possession of a leased property, after the expiration of their lease term.

HOT WATER HEATER – A redundant misnomer for a water heater (Why would anyone want to heat hot water?).

HOUSEHOLD – All the people living in a single housing unit, regardless of their relationship to each other.

HOUSEHOLD POPULATION – An estimate of all permanent residents living within a given geographic area (it does not include dormitories college students, hospital patients or those living in institutions or nursing homes; as well as any armed forces personnel permanently assigned to the area).

HOUSEHOLD SIZE - The total number of people living in a housing unit.

HOUSING UNIT – Refers to a house, apartment (Rental, Condo or Co-Op) or mobile home.

HUB – A point at which roadways in a particular area merge.

HUMIDITY - The measurement of water vapor in the air.

HVAC – Abbreviation for the Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning systems.



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