How to Get Higher Credit Lines
and More Financing

By Ilya Bodner

Lenders make all financing decisions based on the risk involved. The longevity of the business, location, industry, size of the company, and business credit are just some of the risks that a lender evaluates before writing a business loan.

One of the greatest risks considered is available credit.  Looking at a personal credit report one may observe “open lines of credit” being its own category. The same holds true for business credit.

Dun & Bradstreet, the largest business credit reporting agency, reports the open credit – otherwise known as availability to additional credit.  The higher the amount of available credit the lower the risk; and the lower the risk the lower the rates.

Not only are the rates favorable but also the amount of the business loan. Lenders often jump on the bandwagon (the bandwagon also caused the current crash in the real estate market, but that’s another story). Before a loan is originated the lender may look to the previous decision (credit line extended) and the one before that.

***Of course this is only in the cases where income can support additional financing.  Having a business credit profile which reports all of the available lines of credit is becoming more important each day.

For several hundred dollars a professional service can do the job right; a small price to pay for a great rewards. Begin your search for a strong business credit mentor by going to google or yahoo and typing in “ strong business credit ” (just like that in quotes) to find the company right for you.  

Sincerely,   Ilya Bodner Small Business Owner Initial Underwriting Group *Breaking Down The Barriers To Small Business Financing*

Article Source: $7.49 .com

About the Author: Over the course of the last 5 years as an entrepreneur I have successfully launched, managed, and sold off several businesses. Each organization started has added some value to my understanding of the business world today.

My philosophy has been that 9 things out of 10 that I try will fail, but that golden one is always worth the battle. In my experience that has proven to be the case and my successful businesses still operate today under the management of those whom I have sold off to.

The latest project is Initial Underwriting Group, a corporation comprised of two concepts: 1) business credit building and 2) business loan underwriting.

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