Understanding Signs
By: Tony Ozelis
Part 2

Externally Illuminated Signs

Although an externally illuminated Painted Sign is one of the most cost effective sign choices, depending upon how it’s presented, it can actually be very elegant and understated like the one on the right.

painted sign photoThe advantage is that this particular shop was located in a CBD (a Central Business District) and relied on walking traffic as much as it did the vehicular traffic (which usually kept to the posed 25 mph speed limit).

Would an internally illuminated sign have worked better for them? Well, maybe not; this business owner was successful in conveying an understated look to an upscale clientele which allows their storefront to frame their message. Any bright lights, say by the flash of a Can Sign, might have had a huge negative effect. 

letter signLetter Signs are also a cost-effective way of advertising your business. And once again, depending upon the existing road conditions and volume of pedestrian traffic, they can be a very effective way of getting your message out while creating a unique identity for your business.

In the example on the left, the letters were actually manufactured from plywood and then painted to match the company’s standard colors. The end result is an economical alternative to manufactured signage and pretty impressive. It’s been described as “Fun”, “Interesting” and “Inviting”.

carved signFinally; Carved Signs are something that has recently found its way back into the hearts and minds of quite a few municipalities around the country. And after decades of seeing nothing but internally illuminated – injection molded Can Signs, who can really blame them?

Here you have two major choices: Real carved wood signs – where craftspeople create these hand-carved works of art with hammer & chisel. Really cool ...really expensive.

The alternative being an injection molded product that is manufactured to look “carved” but have the additional benefits of enjoying a much lower cost and because they’re made of a high density foam product, they're pretty-much maintenance free.


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About the Author: Tony Ozelis is a real estate development consultant and frequent contributor to LocationIsland.com.  Mr. Ozelis' 23 year career has primarily been focused on restaurant and retail development throughout the United States where he has served as a Director of Real Estate for companies such as Pizza Hut, Inc., Boston Chicken, 7-Eleven and Wendy's International.

With well over 700 successful projects completed to date; he has been at the forefront of incorporating new technologies into corporate real estate development and regularly teaches on subjects such as; Strategic Market Development Planning, Contract Negotiations and incorporating Green Technologies into site design.

Mr. Ozelis is a member of both the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

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