Painting Green

Commercial Painting Products and Procedures
That Build a Greener Reputation

By: Steve A. Parker

Going green? In the wake of films like An Inconvenient Truth, presenting a greener reputation to the public may be a matter of business survival. As environmental consciousness becomes a mainstream concern, proving your company’s commitment to green thinking involves adopting practices that make sense for your business and are earth friendly.  

Selecting green products and adopting greener practices is not enough. For the most credible commitment and the greatest impact for your company’s reputation, certification is also required to present a best practices reputation for your company.   


Greener Commercial Painting Products

A host of new products are entering the market every year to fill the green products niche for commercial buildings. Some of these products are cleaner variants of traditional paints, while others use high tech production techniques to achieve their effects. 


Certification for a Greener Commercial Building

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an independent certification program developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The USGBC is made up of building and construction professionals who believe that greener buildings are viable and sustainable.  

LEED publishes a set of procedural guidelines for commercial buildings. Participation in the program is completely voluntary. If a company chooses to take part in LEED certification, the company is graded according to its compliance with the LEED guidelines. Platinum certification indicates the highest level of compliance, and is a verifiable credential for companies wishing to establish a greener reputation.   

Greener Commercial Painting

If you have questions or concerns about incorporating greener products and practices into your next project, contact your painting contractor for more information.

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