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From the basics of building
to the tips and techniques to help your business run safely, economicly & green

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A continuing series of DIY articles
by Ed Szajna
designed to walk you through
the inspection, budgeting
and bidding process.

  • Taking on the Job - If getting your place in shape is straight forward and within your "Skill-Set" you may have what it takes to save some real money

  • Tools of the Trade - With the help of some readily available tools, you can get a pretty good idea of the general condition of the space.

  • Measuring out your space - Taking the time to inspect the entire building as you measure out your space will help you later on in the design phase.

  • Checking the Building Systems - Upgrades to the buildings utilities and systems can be a costly line-item in your construction budget, always identify key problems BEFORE you commit to a lease.

  • Checking the Structure - Spotting seemingly "small" issues with the building now can save you from major problems later.

  • Drawing Floor Plans - If it's a simple retail or service layout, why not do it yourself and save money in the process?

Construction Budget - As important as your business plan, a well prepared construction budget is imperative in your early days as a business owner.

Choosing a General Contractor - Who you choose to build for you can make all the difference in the world. Look at their experience, check references then ask them to bid.

Site Selection & the Development Process By Thomas J. Filazzola, P.E. - Of course the demographics of the neighborhood and other marketing aspects are critical at determining what constitutes a good location, but that's only half the battle.

Understanding Signs - Your sign is your best chance to make that great first impression with your customers, use it to your advantage.

Marked Can Sign

LED Signs - How to Select the Best Size For Your Location
LED signs are available in an overwhelming number of sizes.  How do you determine which size will be most effective in your location?  Understanding Viewing Distance, Character Height, Pixel Matrix and Resolution (or Pitch) will help you make an informed decision.

Measuring Without a Ruler - Out and about but forgot your tape measure? Don't worry, use these old pro tricks to put you in the ballpark.

Composition Book photo
Why a Marble Composition Book?
- Simply put...they're inexpensive, don't need batteries, tough as a two dollar steak and they work.

Bird Spike photoControlling Pest Birds With Bird Spikes - The name bird spikes conjures up notions of barbarians with studded weapons used against defenseless little birds, but that is just not true. Bird control spikes, also known as needle spikes or anti-roosting spikes are devices consisting of long, needle-like spikes used to control pest birds.

Revealing General Tips about Working with General Contractors - Short of dealing with a lawyer, there are few relationships that inspire more dread and trepidation for business owners than working with a building contractor.

Incorporate your business for $139

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The Square Foot Symbol -
One of the most recognizable icons in all of real estate, construction and design, it should also represent to you an accurate measurement of your space.

LED Signs - 20 Questions to Ask Before You Buy - Don’t leave something as important as your business’ first impression to chance. Compare suppliers and quotes. Many look the same but there are significant differences. The answers to these simple questions will help you make an informed decision and ensure that the LED sign you purchase is the best choice for your organization!

The Environmental Benefits of owning an LED sign - The benefits of modern LED technology do not stop at their energy-efficent design...they also do not contain the toxic chemicals that are used in older flourescent bulbs.

wall sign photogrpah 0707Types of Advertising Signs - Short listing of advertising sign terminology as well as different types and sizes of commercial advertising signs.

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Is Your Building a Candidate for Encapsulation? - If your facility has areas painted with lead paint, you know that lead abatement costs can induce a painful case of sticker shock. One way to possibly ease the financial pain of lead abatement is a technique called encapsulation.

Painting Green - Presenting a greener reputation to the public is becoming a matter of business survival. As environmental consciousness becomes a mainstream concern, proving your company’s commitment to green thinking involves adopting practices that make sense for your business and are earth friendly.

The Role of Paint and Coatings in a Green Building - An increase in demand for green buildings is fueling the commercial painting contractors industry towards developing greener paint and coating products, recognizing that eco-friendly paints and coatings leave little environmental damage to buildings, which in turn provides increased levels of health, safety and productivity to building occupants.

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