Why a marble composition book?

You might ask yourself, “Hey…these guys are, like, totally computer savvy…what’s with the old-school?” (Yes, the pun was intended…)

Well… it’s pretty simple actually. These little beauties are very inexpensive, don’t take batteries, the pages don’t fall out and if it ever crashes, simply pick it up off the floor. They’re darn-near indestructible and as tough as a two-dollar steak.

Marble Composition Book

Have you ever tried to quickly draw a picture or diagram on a computer? For the most part, computers are pretty much indoor toys. Current day laptops just don’t have the juice to cut it in the sunlight and if you’ve been around enough job sites, you’ll understand why even hammers are sometimes coated in rubber.

So skip the laptop and save your hard-earned dough…you’re starting a business, remember?

Besides, if you use it from the beginning of your project to end, you’ll have the entire development process in one neat little package available for reference at a moment’s notice.

Need to expand or relocate in three years? Most of your market planning should still be relevant - you’ll have to update it, of course - but chances are that other area that you were interested in back then, is still there. Open the book and start again…with most of the work already done.

Mead – the largest producer of these little beauties even makes a “Journal” version of the book that has a blank space at the top of the page for the drawings, illustrations, diagrams, etc.

If you’re like us, you’ll carry one throughout the entire process (from identifying your customer right down to your final punch-list items and grand opening plans).

We like it so much, we sell them here...

Order a dozen you'll surprised how handy they are...

(and at less than two bucks a piece, how can you go wrong?)

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