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Market Planning Necessities

County Web Page - The official web site of Philadelphia County, PA

Zoning Maps - A county-provided interactive map with links to its zoning code.

County Code - The codes and ordinances for the of Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections

GIS Maps - An excellent interactive mapping tool that allows you to check zoning overlays, property taxes, crime statistics, etc.

Starting and Operating your Business in Philadelphia - Web Links to help you start a business in the City of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission - In Pennsylvania, as in many states, consumers have a choice when it comes to picking their Electric, Natural Gas and Telephone service providers. The PA-PUC website has information and contact information for all licensed utilities operating in the state.


State Web Site - The official web site for the State of Pennsylvania. - A PA state sponsored web site designed to help entrepreneurs find incentives, apply for funding and to build or expand your business.

PennDot - The state of Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation website.

Traffic Volume Maps - PennDOT collects about 82,000 traffic counts each year to support state, regional and local transportation planners as well as the private sector.

Traffic Volume Information - Traffic counts as provided by PennDOT.

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board - The Agency that manages alcoholic beverages in the state the PLCB is responsible for all licensing, retailing and provides educational programs relating to the effects of alcohol.

Real Estate Licensing - Information for Real Estate Brokers, Agents Appraisers, etc.

U.S. Census Bureau - American FactFinder web site. Why pay for your demographic information twice?

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

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